”My only regret in my life is that I did not drink more champagne.”
- John Meynard Keynes

Food, drinks & culture

Situated in the old neighborhood of Finland’s national poet J. L. Runeberg and his family, restaurant Johans lies on the the idyllic Porvoo riverbed. More than a century old, this courtyard has hardly been affected by time’s passing. In May 2010, this previously-closed courtyard was opened to public.

The heart of this culture-oriented restaurant is its yard, which will host several events during the summer. You can enjoy good food and culture on the restaurant’s beautiful terrace right by the riverside. You can even dock your own boat at the pier, if there’s room. Johans’ four separate restaurant spaces can also be reserved for private use.

Johans kicks off the day with lunch, continues with high-quality café products and ends with a delicious à la carte dinner. Johans brings the culinary heritage of Mrs Fredrika Runeberg tastefully into the 21st century.

Johans will open for May Day lunch on the 1st of May 2015, and the restaurant will stay open as long into September as weather permits. The restaurant’s event schedule will be released in the spring. Should you want to make a private reservation for summer 2015, you should contact the restaurant staff well in advance by emailing johans@johans.fi.